Screen Pro Co. LLC was founded in 1985 and was the first to bring the product to our area. We have since added window rooms, power screens, & a solid roofing option which provides sun protection while creating more usable living space.


Our product consists of extruded aluminum frame and 100% fiberglass screen. The aluminum is 0.40 or better and the 20×20 no-seum screen has a lifetime warranty against normal wear and tear. The aluminum frame comes standard in white or bronze colors but can be powder coated to match any color. The screen porches or enclosures are all custom built so almost any application can be screened in.


We specialize in park models, travel trailers, apartment balconies, backyard decks, and residential properties. The solid roof option helps create more living space that is bug, debris and maintenance free. Our special-order PGT window option adds yet another room to almost any application.

We stay up to date with all of Minnesota's Building Codes & Regulations, and our durable screen enclosures are made with top quality materials that stay looking sharp through all of MN's Harsh weather.